Joy Oladokun: Honest And HeartWarming Songwriter

Either raised up to claim triumph

Either put together, in stance of praying

As they ‘Carry‘ the hope to find love and protection

Two hands can describe so many thoughts in one single position.

When one position ain’t enough, one might grab a pen and a pad

To write down and describe his exact state of mind,

And if words can’t really define it, gripping the strings of a guitar

Seems the remaining option for his expressive five fingers.

Joy Oladokun: Honest And HeartWarming Songwriter 1

Joy Oladokun took this option, playing the guitar  over her heartfelt lyrics.

Her honesty, her Soul, the softness of her voice, expressing a whole lot  of life struggles and expectations

Allows the listener to relate to her personal story, and to kind of find a ‘Shelter’ in her songs.

That’s why Joy Oladokun, with her name inspiring to keep hopeful and joyful, no matter what, is qualified as ‘heartwarming’.

LA-based singer/songwriter who combines the sounds of roots rock, with folk songwriting and a voice that breathes nothing but pure Soul,

Joy celebrates the triumph of life through her music.

In 2015, Joy self-produced and released her debut EP titled ‘Cathedrals’, still available on iTunes.

Last year, Joy raised $30,000 in a Kickstarter campaign for the funding of her first full-length album, titled ‘Carry’.

Shelter is the first single of this coming album:

‘Shelter is a song I wrote about learning how to receive love, and fighting to give it without reservation or condition’. – Joy.



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