Katey Brooks – Back From A Long Journey

The kind of woman to fight for what she loves

The kind of woman to travel the world for better or worse

Te kind of woman to unveil her worth along her words

2 years ago Katey Brooks shared a conversation with us on her journey for the making of her album soon to be released, We The People.

Exactly 1 year ago, we welcomed her for an unplugged acoustic live session at the venue SOFFFA, in Lyon, France.

Katey Brooks is that travelling singer-songwriter you can expect the come back every winter.

Every winter she brings warmth and peace of mind with her voice as haunting as soothing.

Talking about her upcoming album, much of it was written in Australia, her second home after Brighton, and Will She is a brand new piece off of an intimate piece of work.

Released in 2017, on December 1st, Brooks allows to fully picture the emotions captured throughout her songwriting.

Honest lyrics to shed tears, and overwhelming vocals with shades and depth, this is part of Katey Brooks’ DNA.

The last time we’ve interviewed her, we qualified her work suggestive enough to fit a movie soundtrack. This visual  for Will She is the response, as it illustrates the poetry and the beauty of the song at its best; deep emotion crystallized.


The release of this single is the first stage of the campaign towards the album, which is now in post production.

You can support the campaign by going to her Pledge Music crowdfunding platform.





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