Christiané Fox Addresses Gentrification With Her Single ‘Hometown’

Christiané’s upcoming single “Hometown” explores the gentrification within Wichita and how neighborhoods change over time.  This featured single and music video is a piece of her full-length album Hometown Dreaming releasing this summer.

Kansas-based Christiané Fox is a soul singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer whose music resounds with sophistication, but also melodic simplicity.  In a world where mainstream saturation is in the foreground, her music is an anomaly that brings respite from the noise. 

Growing up in Kansas, Christiané sang in the Baptist church since childhood. Her passion for piano had driven her music making throughout the years, as she started learning classical piano at the age of seven and played in the Baptist church throughout school. 

Music was her sanctuary as being a performer and leaving Kansas had been her dream.  After years of refining her musicianship and performance skills, Christiané moved to New York City to attend New York University Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

She graduated with the knowledge of writing, performing, producing, and managing her own music.  In the past several months, she has spent this time exploring her art through the lens of having experienced urban life in New York City and the sentiments of returning home to Kansas.

christiané fox sounds so beautiful

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