Glass House Point – The Way A Band Can Work On A New Sound

The human nature, quite a singular creature to picture

The human nature, made of a mind nurtured with torturous feels and thoughts

The human nature, made of a heart aware about love, before aware about loss

The longer the distance, the more challenged emotion get on the long run

Until the future finally follow up to the past, it’s in our nature to wait and just contemplate,

The effect of space and time.

Central Florida indie rock band Glass House Point are bursting with passion in their new single “Creatures,” out August 7th, off of their upcoming fall EP, due out in October, recorded with Grammy-nominated engineer & producer, Aaron Gandia.

This new project will be the follow-up to their first EP titled Love Lives in Dark Places released in 2016.

From the beginning the four members of the band have envisionned a whole different sound from what you can usually ear in Florida when it comes to indie rock.

Incorporating a violin is a great point of differenciation. Highly emotionally suggestive, its presence adds a particular sound to the guitar strings.

This gives a distinctive color in a whole to their music, enjoyable to contemplate. With the soft vocal harmonies of the lead singer, the band provides a soothing musical experience.

Working on their sophomore project, Glass House Point managed to go deeper in this sonic research and development.

Less raw and acoustic than the first one, they come back even better than the last time, with synths, and new strings ensembles. The chord writing is rich and amazing, blend of many influences and indeed requires attention.

Let’s point out the meridional sound of the rhythmic guitar. It would even almost sound like African guitar rhythms.

This type of sound actually reflects the sound DNA of this band  from the tropics of Central Florida: a place riddled with abundant sunshine and torrential rainfall. Their producer, Aaron Gandia perfectly pictured that; great collaboration.

The sound is sophisticated and relates a story,  reflecting the feelings captured along the lyrics.

About the track, Glass House Point states:

We’ve been working on creating an entirely new sound. We wanted to make something that’s reflective of where we’ve been and where we are heading.

Creatures” is simply a song about human nature, about the pain and discomfort of moving forward and going separate ways.

Lyrically, the song contemplates the past and the immediate future and poses questions about our innate attraction to both love and loss.

Musically, the song is full of swelling dynamics, unexpected twists and textures, and some really massive moments. This song is bold, and it demands an ineffable sense of attention.”

The band formed during the particularly stormy Summer of 2013 and has since cultivated a sound that completely defies the expectations of East Coast music culture.

Ambient swell and soothings lulls put Glass House Point’s music into a category of its own: a category that has yet to be explored by today’s indie artists.

The band’s past ventures include extensive US tours and the release of their debut record Love Lives in Dark Places (2016).

Glass House Point will be traveling to a city near you this Summer on the “Think Fast; It’s Gone” Tour. “Creatures” is available NOW.


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