Drew Martin Expresses His Need To Create During Quarantine

Seven days locked in a room
And yesterday was a waste
Prey to doom and gloom
We pray for better days and a pay
Though the next day feels a year away
Times be tough, times be rough,
But Time and
Music, that’s all we got.

Drew Martin is a 23 year old percussionist based in Columbus, Ohio. He is a diverse performer, often working with several local orchestras, church bands, jazz ensembles, musical theatre companies, and R&B groups.

Columbus based multi-instrumentalist Drew Martin will release his sophomore EP The Quarantine Tapes on April 24th. The first track “Quarantine” was released on April 3rd.

As a freelance composer and arranger, he has written chamber percussion music, jazz big band charts, marching band arrangements, and everything in between. After losing a busy month of bookings due to the closing of venues as a result of COVID-19, Drew found himself virtually unemployed.

With nothing but time, he began writing The Quarantine Tapes. The nearly twenty minute release covers a lot of ground, from 80s style bit-crushed synth music to trap influenced R&B and instrumental jazz hip-hop. Quarantine” presents a more tongue-in-cheek approach to contemporary beatmaking.

The Quarantine Tapes is the raw, unfiltered result of a musician with a need to create.

After working for a year after graduating from Capital University, Drew released his first solo EP, “Modern + Art” on February 11th.

His versatility is his biggest strength and allows him to have a wide understanding of music in various genres and styles.


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