Kori Lynn – Finding A Silver Lake Gem


Groovy bass line, following a tempo to make you feel walking along, as the singer tells her story

Minimalist ethereal guitar chords, suggesting the great delight to find the one she’s been searching for, daydreaming

And a mesmerizing voice, singing all hypnotized by that same one that won’t stop haunting her desperately hopeful thoughts.

This, is the recipe for Kori Lynn’s single titled ‘Searchin’ For You‘off her forthcoming debut album Misshapen Youth.

Friend with Trickster Guru, Kori Lynn is a Silver Lake native and a multi-instrumentalist who offers a dark universe, yet upbeat indie electronic,

With roots in Los Angeles’ alt rock scene from her former band Mystik.

Classically trained pianist, she used to play keys for a space/jazz ensemble akin to Miles Davis meets Sun Ra.

Now she has abandoned the piano for synths and electric guitar,

And she sounds even more beautiful.


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