Katie Buxton – Learning To Let Go, A Whole Process

I hope to awaken my listeners to their own truths that light them up from the inside.

To enable them to think differently and to see themselves in the world and people around them.

To help them remember that love is all that exists. – Katie Buxton.

When you get stuck in a situation, feeling as heavy as lead,

Leaving one heart bleeding inside, and two eyes weeping outside

The tears of a mind immersed in an ocean of nostalgic thoughts,

Before it’s too late, you need to learn to let go of those thoughts, 

You need to think out of your shady little box, and let your spirit lift and fly

Towards higher perspective: see the possible views, and feel another truth.

That’s the message behind Katie Buxton’s songwriting.

Her metaphors are strong, so are the associations of words,

Opposing a building, standing for the one ready to settle steady then build a home,

To a bird, standing for that other one taking everything too lightly,

And rather ready to spread his feather and fly farther than ever, towards another building, after a few bird droppings.

What is more, with that visual that features feather softly raining from above, as Katie’s peaceful face appreciates a new landscape,

We understand she learnt to let go, like if this feather helped her lighten her mind.

Indeed, as she says:

“The song is about caring deeply for someone who is not ready to love or be loved and runs out of fear, and focuses especially on the process of learning to let go”


After moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University as a songwriting major, Katie was invited to join Bear House Writers Management and was one of eight to play in the ASCAP Writers Showcase in the fall of 2015.
Adding to her songwriting accomplishments, she was later chosen as a finalist in the 2016 American Songwriting Awards with her song “Painted Hearts”.
Katie’s debut EP “From Songbirds” was released in March of 2016.
Her new single “You Flew” was recorded and mixed by Sal Oliveri and mastered by Luke Gilfeather, available on Soundcloud, Itunes and all streaming services..

Marcus Gon

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