Leo Goh from GrooveMartini – A Funky Fresh Guitarist



Clap your hands everybody

If you got what it takes (Kurtis Blow – The Breaks)

Cause here comes Leo Goh from LA, and this is ‘Jig Is Up‘!

Making it funky, keeping it groovy, while everybody’s gettin’ jiggy wit’ it

Leo Goh, Singaporean guitarist based in California, is demonstrating great skills at the guitar.

His blazing style masters Fusion, Jazz and Funk.

Jig Is Up, the main track of his EP, is quite an example of what he’s able to do,going from different tempos and movements, with various jazzy transitions.

Truth be told, he’s surrounded by amazing musicians too.

The drummer leads the rhythm, and gives strong body to the whole instrumentation

The explosive horn section suggests the theme, that enjoyable melody that’ll get stuck in your head when the song is over,

While the funky guitar chords keeps dancing, jazzing, jigging all along the whole composition.

Synonymous for Entertainment

Definition for Sensational

Straight universe of Groove, Funk, Blues, RnB, Dance,… with 10 stars sparkling bright,

GrooveMartini is an LA based Cover Band, directed by Leo Goh, comprising of some of 10 top gigging musicians in the industry.

With a 10 piece line up consisting of a full horn section, percussion, keys, backup singers, bass, guitar and drums.

Leo’s band has opened for Macy Gray, showcased for Stevie Wonder and others and will be playing at the Blue Sun Festival alongside Michael Mcdonald and others.

Plus, when you know that some of these musicians play also with Kathleen Lara Taylor, you know they’re good musicians.




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