Scandinavian Weekend – 5 Ways To Spend A Smooth & Beautiful Weekend

For this last weekend of August,

Let us just relax and spend the rest of these sunny days

Slowly moving to Scandinavia, beautiful place where musicians are cool as ice and twice as nice.

Smoothly getting into the good mood for Groove & Soul music,

Let us enjoy the following these 5 artists from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

1) Summertime, and the living is easy with Dagmawit Alemayehu, aka Daggi Zegreat, from Sweden.


The kind of tune to make Summer last longer, even until December.

According to Daggi: Sommar i december [Summer in December] gives a taste of what my EP will sound like. It started out as a jam session with producerJon Skoog and musician Abel Haile, and later set the tone for my musical direction really. It’s a smooth, digestible song, if you will, where jazz/pop meets soul.”

Her EP is to be expected later this year.

2)  Pomona Dream, fruition of the combination of singer-songwriter Sandra Bang and producer Ribbs, just chilling in Sweden.

Their music as sweet as honey and milk, and as colorful as the most beautiful dreams shall give you the fix you need, making getting your mind higher, making you feel better.

Their debut EP, Rainbow Milk, is the smooth expression of hip pop/funk, and brings a rich musical complexity interesting to dig and study too.

3) Veronah, jamming out in Denmark, they may be new to the music scene, but they’re in nothing new to good Neo-Soul Music

Sweet as candy, sweet as can be,

Smoothy pleasure, mellow delight, sweetie flavors of Jazz and Neo-Soul… “no thing like this can fade away“.

4) Spending a slow and mellow weekend love, listening to Eddie & The Lovemakers, from Sweden.

We’ve a love of the roots of Deep soul/groove,” Eddie & the Lovemakers confides Scandinavian Soul,

“And we try to create a sound we can’t seem to find much of elsewhere in the Swedish music scene, original songs in an old school way.”

5) Last but not least, to conclude on a poetic mood, Nosizwe, South African singer based in Norway can’t be excluded.

When Scandinavian Soul asks her to describe her album, she says the following:

“A labour of love!

At some point in life, my mother was reading a book called “Life in Fragments: Essays in postmodern Morality”.

I remember reading the title and feeling mind blown, for one, by the idea of a new kind of morality in the debaoucherous and sceptical time that is the postmodern.

But mostly, the phrase “In Fragments” resonated deeply.

I struggle to attain balance, as everyone else. I struggle to feel “whole”.”

Marcus Gon

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