Yalta Club – When Art Makes Human Body & Society Sublime

From Paris with Love, they stand there to resist the inevitable,

Their heart as warm as the burning Southern Sun that they keep dreaming of, like Icarus used to,

They walk to the path leading to less excess in a world dry as a desert,

Looking for more access to purity, the new idea of success and glory.

Future may look gloomy, but “there will be sunshine, though the forecast is grey.”

Yalta Club is back with a brand new visual, a great experience indeed.

This video and its ending, as bloody as can be, sums up quite well the overall concept of the experience envisioned by the band:  telling a chronicle of an inevitable, yet reversible, collapse through their music.

And what’s more inevitable than mice collapsing under the smacks of a mighty god.

Of God And Mice is another visual masterpiece from the group Yalta Club.

Bleeding colors, falling feather and pigmented powder embellished the bodies of two warriors ready for a deadly fight.

This is a pure moment of magic, in slow-motion, making you loose your notion of space and time.

In a way, through their music, Yalta Club draws out the flaws and evils of the society, “sacrificed on the altar of excess”.

However, not only focused on a fatalist inevitable violence, Yalta Club reversibly chooses to drift to a new path, a new way towards Love and salvation:


On an international tour through Europe, Yalta Club is promoting their new album, Hybris.

Produced and arranged by the talented Florent Livet – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – and Pavle Kovacevic – My God is Blue by Sébastien Tellier,

Hybris is a dense and melancholic initiation journey in the form of triptych:

Defeat, Drift, Resist.

A new formula for Hope and Rising Up still.

This collective knows how to exalt the human body and society with a stunning an and beautiful art.

Marcus Gon

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