Kuizz – The Success Story Of A Songwriter-Producer From Malaysia

Young songwriter and his own producer, he brings the soft and mellow vibes straight out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After working with award winning artists such as Canadian Juno Award Winners; Mia Martina, Danny Fernandes & Kristinia Debarge, the young man decided to let emerge his own craft and start his writing career.

Already acknowledged in both Canada and Japan, achieving chart success in the past couple of years. He’s even received the approval of music publisher in Los Angeles.  

 After years of hard work and sweat, in September 2016, KUIZZ eventually debuted his very first self produced and written EP “Till The End”.

Uncool is the fan favorite single off of the project, self-produced.


The song details his younger days as the unpopular new kid trying to find his way around being accepted by society but eventually coming to terms that being labeled “uncool’ is not a bad thing at all.

The track has reached 10K plays on Spotify and Soundcloud and is now available on all major outlets online.

Moral of the story : KUIZZ is another example and reason to brave fears, and believe in yourself and  in your dreams.

As long as you keep rising your will of fire till the end, you’ll accomplish things greater you would ever imagine,

For one day, someone shall recognize your work and give you the credit you deserve – believe it.

Marcus Gon

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