Rebecca Raw – Bold Emotions, Beautiful Music

Wild but all light

Rises the cry from her voice, soulful.

Sad does she sound sometimes

Yet every time, does her sound get you.

Glad, the delight you cannot deny

Caught up deep within her feels and music.

Rebecca Raw is a British singer/songwriter who reminds of the likes of Annie Bonsignore with her soothing vocals smoothly reaching the high note.

After first learning the cello, she fuses her classical influences with blends of pop, soul and folk elements with a slight taste for jazzy flavors.

Big, Bold and Beautiful is the motto :

This year, Rebecca Raw managed to make it big, with the release of her debut EP, titled Deep Within, project filled up with feels and bold emotions, made of soft melodies ethereal vocals, along beautiful and poetic lyrics.

Besides, the art cover, with the fading shades of purple, reflect this idea of lightness, ethereal nature and troubled emotions.

The first track on Deep Within is called ‘Connection’. Rebecca explains that this song is an intensely personal exploration of a widely-shared experience: the desire for deeper, more dependable relationships in a time when many are shallow and fleeting.” 

You can feel the jazzy flavors in tracks like Dust and Ashes, one of the best tracks off of the project, which starts as an acapella and plays with different tones of voice in a quite mesmerizing way.

When the poetry and the classical background can be appreciated in the single Whisper Thin, songs like Calling show Raw’s creativity and her ability to suggest cinematic music with a progressive instrumentation.

The ending of this track perfectly pictures the idea for the calling (from a deep, maybe dark and surely sorrow state of mind).

What is more, its Folk music vibe kind of makes you think of a Western movie soundtrack, and suggests a whole storytelling.

Finally Freefall  reflects the alternative pop sound of the artist. The drums take the lead and the guitar chords set the mood while Rebecca’s voice rises and fills up the room.

Rebecca does tell authentic musical stories with insight, warmth and sensitivity.

She comments that “each song was born as a personal response to a challenging time but hope prevails in my life and I always try to encapsulate this in my music. 

As others reach into the heart of these stories I hope that they will discover for themselves more treasures of this rich, wonderful, crazy thing called life.”


Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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