Mikala – When You Remember Why You Do What You Do

Pockets full of dreams and the making of promises,

Life changes and everyday challenges,

Precious times with your precious ones,

The little things to remind you why you do what you do

Driven by dedication, love and passion.

Somebody said « Music is all we got »

But also do we know we got love (We Got It).

Mikala, Danish/Italian singer-songwriter, gets back to what’s really important in life: the bonds with your people here for one another.

Her black and white visual for her latest single We Got It, showcases the sources of her inspiration for this track: her family, the friends she’s jamming with and the memories of her youth and childhood.

While the slow-motion in the video captures and emphasizes the emotions, you can feel the honesty and realness in Mikala’s lyrics, close to reality, and all about souvenirs of when life gets rough and times get tough. 

Cherishing love and remembering why you keep doing what you do shall help you keep it together.

Mikala is definitely one the next artists to discover and follow in Denmark.

Her single We Got It already counts over 160,000 streams on Spotify and her other single, Save Your Love over 40,000 streams.

The production in both tracks is really clever, infused with Neo-Soul flavors and 90’s like type of beat, and samples with a gospel-feel .

Mikala’s songwriting is made with a vision. Save Your Love not only gives a smooth and soothing moment but also provides a cinematic experience all along the loop. Subtle and suggestive references can be noticed after a second listening, or a third one.

Her distinction still, is her commitment to keep it old school: she may be the one nostalgic of cassette tapes and Walkman.

Anyways, still a delight to listen to.



Marcus Gon

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