Denitia – Finding A New Awakening As An Artist

Spirit awakened, Soul enlightened 

Eyes been blinking, open to a new vision.

Previously discovered on Sounds So Beautiful, Denitia Odigie, comes back with the release of a new EP, Ceilings, expected for next week, July 21st, 2017.

This new work is the fruit of an artistic rebirth: Denitia presents it as an actual artist awakening. Even more than this, this record showcases an artist freely self-expressing, and letting go on anything that used to weigh on her mind, from anxieties to the pressuring expectations in her environment.

Ceilings is then expected to be a kind of escapist collection of songs.

For now, two already released pieces allow us to witness and appreciate Denitia’s vision.

The composition and arrangements create an uplifting experience. Waiting is as contemplative as can be, with a contemporary sound. It pictures the gaze of the singer, and announces the change she’s longing for.

Lately she’s released a new single, Planes, a bit catchier, with the drums that shape the overall body of the track, while the synth sets up the spirit of it. All the sounds effects interfering, and the ethereal vocals make it seem like a subconscious journey, on board at an imaginary window seat.

More than just suggesting feelings, the strength in Denitia’s music is stimulating your imagination. It’s almost like her music is the literally the bridge between her mind and her listeners’ mind; this is all about connection.

Marcus Gon

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