Stelle Amor – “There’s No Judgement, Where There’s Loving”

“It’s our responsibility to bring unity to the people through love and music

[…] Come on and help us bring it back to what it feels right” – Stelle Amor

Sky’s the limit, they say

Love is boundless, she says

In her dreams, she’s Been To The Moon, 

And her face is as bright as the stars in her stare.

She feels right when she dances wild and sings out loud, 

And people who find a reflect in her Soul end up as loud and proud:

That’s how you get right.

She is Stelle Amor, stellar singer-songwriter and blazing performer from Nashville.

Her name defines perfectly the message in her music: a bright person that brings love.

She recently released the official video for her single Get Right that you can download.

You can find the burning feels of Funk and Soul, James Brown like, blended with influences of Blues in the breaks of the drums.

A flavor of Gospel is yet to be tasted, along with wonderful harmonic arrangements.

The horn section and the catchy beat incites you to break down some crazy dances and footwork, as everybody getting right and crazy in the laundry, in the video.

With such an energy, she’s on the rise to play for major festivals.

Besides, the video for the single Get Right reflects perfectly the message that tends to convey Stelle Amor in her music:

Unity without judging, despite color of skin, ageism, sexuality, profession or beliefs.

Regular places such as the laundry, where all different people come to do the same things: clean up the dirty laundry and get right.

This video, as funny as enjoying to watch, shows what it’s like to just let go and get soulful and funky.

Soul Music sets you free!


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