Dan Diggas’ Debut Single “No Drama” Marks Transition From Producer to Artist

“Let me make it clear

everything that you need

no drama no drama

I know you’re overthinking but just believe”

Dan Diggas, “No Drama”

Dan Diggas unveils his creative side with his debut single No Drama. Though already established in the industry as a music producer— he is known for his work with Mahalia, producing bops like the jazzy Karma and Square 1— this song represents a transition to artist. Featured on the track are London-based artists Marie Dahlstrom and J Warner. He’s worked with both singers previously, and the trio even collaborated together on You from Dahlstrom’s album Like Sand.

Bluesy and electronic, No Drama is a vibe. It even has a trap influence in its rapid hi hats and atmospheric synth beats— sometimes to its detriment, though, like with the slightly grating dolphin chirp on the chorus.

Dan Diggas explained that this song is about a relationship where a man tries to charm his ex-girlfriend:

“In the track he tries to reconcile the relationship by getting past her insecurities, promising to give her everything she needs with no drama (no issues). On the other hand, the woman feels that she’s been down this road before and thinks nothing has changed, yet is still tempted by his advances.”

Dan Diggas

This exchange between the former couple creates a sense of intimacy. The song is split into to two halves, with J Warner singing the first half and Marie Dahlstrom singing the other.

Warner’s vocal artistry is on full display as he hits and holds high notes with impressive ease. He flirts a bit in the beginning, saying “I know you wanna be mine” and insisting that they can have something “lowkey” without labels.

Becoming sincere, he promises to give her everything she needs and urges her to stop overthinking and worrying about what everyone else thinks.

His voice melts into Dahlstrom’s, which floats beautiful and buttery over the beat. She is skeptical and asks smart questions, wondering if he is truly “in line” with everything he says:

“You were my type
Now what’s different? (What’s your plan? yeah)
I’ve been there before defending your flaws
Now tell me your position (Where you’re heading?)”

“No Drama” is a nice plea, but you can’t actually promise no drama in any relationship, and maybe that is why she is hesitant. But some part of her wants to believe it, for in the end it seems like she’s being swayed when she repeats the same lines Warner sang earlier about having a new relationship without drama.

The dual nature of the song leaves us wondering, as we don’t hear Warner’s response to Dahlstrom’s questions about if he’s changed, nor her eventual decision. But we are left hopeful, and that’s enough.

Piper Anderson

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