Lee Clark Allen – The Sound Of Blues & Soul, Old But Gold

Opening up with an uplifting Gospel back and forth, Lee Clark is teasing you the taste of a smooth and soulful album.

Blues and Soul spirits are overwhelming in Lee Clark Allen’s Little Rock. Released a few days ago, on 29th March 2019, the album feels full of life, organic sound, live recordings, raw passion. That Neo Soul singer-songwriter even surprises with heart-felt interludes, sang with flaws and all, such as The Way You Love ; this track recalls a taste for Spoken Word, over the soft and soothing play of the keys.

Sincerity is the word when it comes to his voice, despite the dirt and the mud, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

Lee Clark Allen really draws on a range of influences to make feel good music that serves the listener as a form of escape, transformation into a spiritual reality, and an instrument of heartfelt expression.

Little Rock covers thematic domains where we have all been, whether that be recommitting oneself to self-love (This Little Light) to becoming strong enough to carry another’s load in relationships (Lay Your Head). Lee Clark Allen’s debut single, “I Won’t Tell Myself a Lie“, released in early 2018, received international coverage from various online publications.

Another good point with this joint, is that after listening to the whole record, you really can imagine Lee Clark Allen playing live right in front of you.

Ballads on the piano, eyes-closed singing, songstress for the back vocal, laid back tempo on the drums… all that groove sounds smooth and seducing.


Marcus Gon

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