Jay-Elle Captures Summer Feels With New Single “Listening” Featuring Cenza

We broke in the new year, while i was drunk I couldn’t hear A year later now we’re standing here 2020 vision yeah I’m listening.” Jay-Elle

The perfect pop song to celebrate the end of summer is here, and it’s called “Listening”, by alternative singer/songwriter Jay-Elle, in collaboration with Cenza.

The second you press play, you instantly get excited as the dancing groove gets your body moving through the song. Jay-Elle’s vibrant voice starts to sing and offers a reminisce of those never-ending fun summer nights with friends we wish we could go back to.

Suddenly, the world feels less heavy, as the rhythm takes off with a mix of synth and drum waves, core to the pop genre we love so much. And as Cenza’s sensual voice offers the perfect bridge, we’re pulled in a twirl of emotions, forgetting our problems and only dancing to the rhythm.

Listening” is Jay-Elle’s third single, and second collaboration with Cenza.

It’s my end of summer’s anthem.” says Jay-Elle. “This sound is a reflection of a year that makes no sense, but focuses on the positivity of a budding relationship”.

Originally from South Carolina, Jay-Elle moved to Brooklyn to pursue his passion for music. Citing Stevie Nicks, Bon Iver and Kanye West as his inspirations, the singer began writing music on the guitar and piano, and released his acclaimed debut pop synth single “Forget your keys” and a cover of James Blake and Bon Iver’s “I Need a Forest Fire”.

As we can’t wait for his debut EP set to be released early 2021, we’ll keep dancing the summer away with “Listening” on replay.

Mélida Komla

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