Finn Foxell surprised us with a new engaging 8-track EP, “Talk Is Cheap”

“Say less do more, value yourself and those who value you”

Finn Foxell

After releasing a promising and critically acclaimed EP called “Good Tea” last year, the West London-bred rapper, Finn Foxell, is back at it again with “Talk Is Cheap”, an exciting 8-track project.

Finn Foxell surprised us with a new engaging 8-track EP, "Talk Is Cheap" 1

This EP cover pays tribute to Finn’s Elevation Meditation collective, composed of rising Grime scene artists such as Lord Apex, P-rallel or Louis Culture.

“Everyone on that cover has contributed to my journey through action, through love and support, fuck knows where I’d have found myself without their guidance”, he said

In this project, the Shepherd’s Bush independent rapper renewed a collaboration with a 23-year-old Neo-Soul songwriter and vocalist, Safiyyah, that brought her Portuguese origins into her verse. Shout Me is an interesting balance between her transcending and soothing R&B voice and Finn’s low-pitched rap verses.

In his latest clip, Make It Count, the young emcee illustrates his love for the graffiti and the underground Hip Hop culture, all mixed up with an old school visual grain. Sonically speaking, Finn explores his singing and rapping abilities smoothly, on a song that was produced by Lauren Ralph, a UK producer/MC that works closely with BRM/Blue Room Mafia, a Birmingham-based rising collective.

Discovered on Soundcloud in 2015, and mostly renowned for his 2017 hit, Buddha, the artist since then stepped forward in his musical range throughout different EPs and singles in the last couple years. Headlining a sold-out show in Peckham Audio just before lockdown and appearing in Boiler Room‘s last year festival greatly improved his visibility.

With a sharp participation in Rob The Bank’s Dope I Mean single, Finn Foxell definitely proved that he is well anchored in UK’s underground musical scene, while creating his own limits.

We really look forward to hearing from a new project of his own…

Camille Boumard

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