Sid Tipton Unveils « Look Both Ways », Produced By Timbaland

Sid Tipton releases new single entitled « Look Both Ways », produced by Timbaland, emphasizes the importance of putting yourself first and always watching your own back.

Outstanding writer signed with Timbaland’s publishing company Bluestone, she presents a contemporary sound, with a touch of ambient R&B and Trap music.

Her vocals so clean, seems like syllables are literally dancing away from her mouth. Sid knows how to create a banger, and Look Both Ways is smoothly getting addicting.

Sid Tipton was born and raised in Nashville,Tennessee. She began writing and singing before the age of 3. She would sing and rhyme to anything she would hear, from words on a cereal box to passages in the Bible.

Determined to succeed, Sid taught herself acoustic guitar and piano, and at age 17 with over 100 original songs, she began the search for her success.

She has had collaborations with artists like Timbaland, JoJo, Hailey Reinhart,Tinashe, Justin Timberlake and more including her contribution as a writer and featured artist on Maluma’s Grammy winning album “FAME,” which features the song “Mi Declaracion” featuring her and Timbaland.

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