Kathryn Claire – The Violin, One Of The Most Important Instruments

At the crossroad of two worlds, there she stands

It took her years to get the place she stands, for finding your own space is a long journey. 

Any artist can relate to the fact that it takes time to find your voice, unveil your true style, and develop a sound that truly echoes with the core of your artistry and DNA.

Portland, Oregon’s Kathryn Claire is the kind of multi-instrumentist that had to wait until her fourth full-length album to reflect her music DNA at its best.

Singer, songwriter, violinist and self-taught guitarist, Kathryn Claire comes from the Classic Music world, and cannot hide her genuine love for Folk Music.

Today her fourth album is her opportunity to combine the both within a 10 track collection, an actual chamber-folk album, titled Bones At Last…

Kathryn Claire is also the kind of incorrigible poet to fall infatuated with Death.

Actually, more than a naive contemplation and expectation for the day it’d all go back to black, shades and dust, the idea behind this fascination for Death is a motivation.

A motivation to leave behind you something that’d reflect your legacy in its truest form, something that’d reflect your work and artistry.

Literally speaking, your bones are the only things left from your body when you’re gone, and this is also the basics of your body.

Metaphorically speaking, in Kathryn Claire’s perspective, “bones” stand for the core of your work and artistry. The blueprint of your album, what’s the foundation of your music.

Bones At Last… was then made like it’d be Claire’s very last project.

As a result, we get a sharp photography of everything that shapes Kathryn Claire’s music.

The violin is key in her album. Throughout an album made of 5 instrumental songs and 5 lyrical songs, combining classical writing and a folk sound, the violin stands as the synergy between Classic and Folk, articulating together.

As Claire insists, “People love violin”, plus it soothes, inspires, and has a timbre very close to the human voice. So this instrument can be of a great assistance for authentic and emotional songwriting with a taste of Folk.

What is more, this really thanks to this instrument that Claire could put together the vision of her album, allowing herself to vary from instrumental to lyrical songs, and using the sound of the violin to make it all seamless and clean.

This album offer quite a unique experience to appreciate the violin in a Folk album, which is quite refreshing.

She inspire her listeners and keeps herself inspired with all her collaborations and travels around the world, as the making of the album went along her touring.

There’s one song in particular, Sweet Charriot, which is the gift of the album for her. Her trip to India and her experience singing this song, still elaborating, with a choir, made it all sound magic to her and universal.

She’s been touring in the US and will be playing in Europe and Japan in the coming months.


Marcus Gon

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