Laura Brehm – How To Take The Opportunity To Unveil Your True Potential

Songwriting and singing talents, a voice to smoothly rocks your world

Unlimited potential but limited opportunities in a word too one-sided,

What does a bird do when the sun doesn’t seem to shine its way

Soars its own wings, flies by and make a new nest on its own,

Moral of the story: in order to shine, think out the box and be your own opportunity.

And that’s exactly what Laura Brehm has done for her music career.


The story of this singer-songwriter from Colorado is quite inspirational indeed.

This is the story of an emerging artist who’s been fighting to fully explore her artistry and unveil her very true potential.

Laura Brehm is known for her career in the EDM industry and her many successful collaborations (with eint, TheFatRat, Ferry Corsten, and more.)

Though the core of her art relies on Folk music made of sultry and mellow harmonies.

Sharing an unconditional love for EDM on one hand and Folk music on the other hand, she decides to gather the best of both worlds.

The very inspirational part in this story is her dedication, full aware that the unique merge of genres does not typically fit into any major label, nor does it with the EDM labels or indie folk labels,

Independent at heart, she decided to found her own label, Electric Bird Records. A name quite well chosen. Folk music is often poetically referred to the ‘Bird‘ that would sing in the heat of Spring morning. ‘Electric‘ obviously refers to the Electronic Dance Music. Such a name indicates the compromise she frankly takes on to combine two genres initially different.

Under this record label she releases, this past July 28th, 2017, her solo EP titled Breathe.

With this EP, Laura Brehm bridges outside of the electronic music world, conveying a softer side of the artist with an indie-folk sound that appeals to fans of artists like Ellie Goulding, Imogen Heap, or Colbie Caillat.

Parallel has been the debut single of the EP. Laura Brehm stated the following about the track:

‘Parallel’ is about true friendship/love. When you’ve found someone that’s really meant for you, the relationship acts like a mirror.  
It shows you who are but doesn’t judge you.  It’s about walking side by side through life and being there for each other, simultaneously raising each other up.  
It’s about looking forward together and moving forward.  
At the end of the day, happiness is only real when shared.” –  Laura Brehm
Laura Brehm is revealing more of her true potential with each song, winning the challenge to combine two genres that’d sound clearly opposite.
You can’t deny her talent and skill in songwriting and harmonies. Her work ends up with the creation of an overwhelming experiment.
Something Pop, though different from the usual standard hits.
Something Folk and authentic, with an acoustic DNA, despite the electronic sounds
Something new, audacious and innovative.
She’s a great example to grind and create opportunites for herself.
Making collaborations and having her talent acknowledged allowed her to develop her very own craft and feel legitimate when came the day to unveil the art that is true and relevant to her, and her fanbase.







Marcus Gon

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