Milo Gore – Music To Ignite The Sparkle In Your Mind


Attracted to one another like Earth and Moon

We used to make Waves before breaks the dawn

Before breaks our love, and wakes the ache of seeing that Your Grip Has Gone

Though I’ve Found Myself Lost before, I’ve called the gold in me

Still can  Ignite a new flame; It’s In My Nature to glow, 

New face like a New Moon above the Earth, here I am and Watch The Tide again

A few words Milo Gore could have pronounced along a few notes…


Watch the Tide, debut EP from UK multi-instrumentalist, Milo Gore, is a 6 track soothing experience, produced by Max Waymark.

This is indie Folk music loyal to the likes of Folktronica artists Bon Iver and Ben Howard. As you’re listening, you can pretty much picture Milo Gore into his songwriting process.

His music, rather raw, is enhanced by his acoustic qualities. You can appreciate how the live instruments can mirror the walls of his mind.
While the guitar chords all echoe with the flow of his thoughts, the tuning of the drums reflect the intensity of this flow.

As poetic and therapeutic as can be, Gore describes his music as an actual exploration for Mental Health. And indeed, he’s making music to heal and escape, and songs for contemplation.

Calm, genuine and spontaneous, this is an overwhelming collection of heartfelt songs. Strangely the more personal it is, the more universal it feels.

Besides, the art cover takes Gore’s face as the Moon, circling in the sky. This, added to the title of the EP, Watch The Tide, indicates topics about attraction and introspection.

Coco and It’s In My Nature illustrate all these ideas of attraction and contemplation too.

milo gore
The band, formed by a group of friends from University, provide undeniable personality in their musicianship.

Gore comments ‘we jumped to recording in my shoebox of a rented room… a squeeze but we managed. A real test but we all really enjoyed it –  good vibes and hard work pays off!’

After stepping away from initial record label interest in a previous band, Gore claims that ‘walking away from my potential chance, to make music I relate to more…that’s my biggest achievement so far’.

Gore describes his new musical process as a free and organic style in which he aims to connect with his audience.

With his rapidly growing fan-base and festival appearances this summer, it is undeniable that Milo Gore has a big future ahead of him…

Marcus Gon

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