Laura Jean Anderson – Back On Track To Blaze The Place Of Los Angeles



The kind of song you write after a long and lone walk or right after a long drive

The kind of song you write following night too short due to over-thinking and insomnia

The kind of song you write after a late afternoon dreamless sleep

And a cold wake-up to reality: “what’s done ain’t done”.

‘Disillusion’ could be the theme of this new piece from Laura Jean Anderson,

Titled ‘Done Ain’t Done’ and consisting of so many emotions and thoughts expressed, you can’t put words on them, but you can definitely feel them.

And through Laura’s overwhelming voice we feel:

These haunting words of that particular someone, who keeps running in our mind, spinning around our head, mesmerizing our thoughts (“I can’t stop spining your words in my head”).

Nostalgia (“Don’t you remember how good it felt, to be the only one that I don’t have”)

Disillusion  – the sharp break between the ongoing dreamy ballad, and the strong and fierce hook (“What’ done ain’t done”), one cold wake up to reality, of one hot clap in your face,

Interpreted with strength by the drums and the guitars blessing the track with the good old flavors of traditional Rock’n’Roll,

Taken to new places thanks to the modernity of Laura Jean Anderson, and her soulful voice.

After the release of he EP Righteous Girl, she keeps on writing and working, making songs like ‘Done Ain’t Done’ and touring in Los Angeles all this month of June.


Laura Jean Anderson - Back On Track To Blaze The Place Of Los Angeles 1


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