David Jacobson & The Space Wizards: To Believe In Magic


In what do we still trust? What do we chose to believe or disbelieve?

Meditation and unanswered questions keep going on

As we’re listening to psychedelic songs from Brooklyn-based David Jacobson, 

Musician who presents himself as a magician who can point to the unseen, and reveal its secrets.

Go and ask him how, and he’ll simply respond ‘Because I Can’.

After his LP titled ‘Still Waiting’, he’s about to release a new project ‘David And The Space Wizard‘ on July 3rd.

An EP driving right back to the old 70’s rock’n’roll, with psychedelic atmosphere installed with the guitar.

A feel-good project, as dreamy and nostalgic as can be.

Jacobson’s brand of art is varied and diverse. His songs speak of love, loss, inspiration, beauty, and the quest for personal enlightenment in an age where the afforementioned concepts seem to be long lost legends from a by-gone era.



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