Teilani – The Smoothest Harmonizations For An Amazing Songwriting

Struck by love at first sight
Stuck with a vision in mind
Impression of cloud nine
When really love made you blind
However, whatever the reason
Can’t quite help it
Feelings twist, emotions flip

Teilani is an R&B and Neo Soul singer from the Pacific Northwest, who has taken his upbringing of 90’s R&B and Soul music and applied it with an updated twist on lyrical content.

On March 20th, he released his single titled Stuck On You, featuring Soho. Music production is rich and colorful. A horn section breathes a touch a jazz and could play the supporting role of back vocals for the lead voice. Delightful harmonies with the guitar, steady groove at the drums… the presence of live instruments is really enjoyable.

At times the young artist recalls the likes of Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei with such a great orchestration, though you can hear his influences from Anthony Hamilton and Earth Wind and Fire (vocally speaking).

At 22 years old, Teilani’s goal in music has been to give a voice to the voiceless, writing music covering topics from race relations, to queer issues. However, he also doesn’t shy away from the classic R&B topics of love and heartbreak. With one single out already, “PDX,” a love song about the Northwest, Teilani is now planning on releasing his first EP later this year.

Marcus Gon

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