Beverly Girl: The Follow Up

Back on track to blow your mind, the Dark Ambassador of Electronic Funk/Punk, Beverly Girl,

Hits us with a brand new single, titled DNA which invites you in the middle of a kind of 80’s rave party,

Then drives your eyes right on that fancy green-eyed woman, quite as fancy and mesmerizing as that other dancing woman (Maria Huotari).

The atmosphere is quite mysterious, and could give the feeling to watch a sci-fi movie scene from the 80’s,

Calm and overwhelming voice, coupled with these drums rhythms driving the body into never-ending dancing moves,

And the rest of the instruments, sets the songwriting to its climax.

This video, realized by  Eero Liimatainen, puts in highlight, life and color, this punk/funk atmosphere

Never missing a bit of the ongoing grooving beats translated into Maria Huotari’s dance moves.

Last time they were preparing some material for the end of the summer,

And this last material had Beverly Girl win the competition of LOST IN MUSIC:

beverly girl official

Let’s conclude with their previous single, Highland:

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