Loren Smith: A Beautiful Smile For A Blissful Delight

“My goal is to always perform with Integrity, Excellence, Passion and Skill, and to teach everyone, as I’m learning, to love themselves and each other better.” – Loren Smith

This is from a blissful and uplifted music composition that Loren Smith manages to deliver an amazing message.

His soulful voice, powerful enough to let you shine your most beautiful smile.

Lively taking delight in sharing his love, he’s expressing out loud how blessed he feels

And this fills you back with a great zest of life.

Loren Smith is a person as bright as his smile, and,

After years of singing for film and television, background singing for numerous artists,

Inplus of performing at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and the Special Olympic Opening Ceremonies,

Loren has decided to lead his steps towards an even brighter path: the way for his very own singer composer career.

Stepping in this new journey for a solo career, Josh Stevens of LMFAO came his way.

Together they worked of this catchy and vivid track, titled “Break Free”, full of positivity:

Besides, you’ll notice how much White is important in Loren’s music video.

White inspiring purity, light and clarity, it’s only right that we clear our mind while enjoying his moving music and break a dance.


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