Holly Elle: Wholly Mellifluous Voice


A soothing voice is popping out of the glittery the lips of Pop singer Holly Elle,

Who’s letting you know who she is, introducing you to her world of Pop, House and RnB.

The artist was born in Chestermere, Canada, and has been quite influenced by European vibes

Exposing her to the modern sounds of Brit-Pop from England and 1960’s and 1970’s classics.

3 years ago, she made quite an impression in the Music Industry with her EP Leopardess

In which is canned the blazing fierce of a passionate woman with tracks such as ‘Who I Am” and “Wanna Be Loved”

This marked the debut of her career in the US.

Now she’s making her footprints in Los Angeles, coming up with the first single of a new series coming soon.

This single, titled “Lifeline“, is one piece produced with  Isaac Hasson, who’s worked with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

An actually catchy track, enough to have you move and dance along house parties,

Carried away by the strength in Holly Elle’s voice.


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