Charity: Music, A Power To Heal

This one, blushing, foolishly falling in love, blindly watches his life in pink.

That one, sorry to live his sad and cold life, sings in sorrow all of his blues.

That other one, with a smile too wide to hide the peace in his mind, decides to paint his life in yellow.

The singer-songwriter Charity Ward is that other one, who not only decided to paint her life in yellow

But has released a whole four-track EP titled Yellow.

Through this Yellow EP, Charity delivers a beautiful moment of clarity.

She describes all along her soulful singalongs the actual meaning of “vulnerability”, either about a person, either about love, or about her home town Detroit,

While defining the true meaning of “healing”, digging the healing power of good music.

Good music, is a concept too marvelous for words (as Diana Krall would say or sing): it gives an indescribable feeling:

Yellow, positivity aside, inspires the warmth, the energy, the love and connection, and a happiness, cheerfulness you may not be able to explain with words.

Talking about connection, Charity bathed in the Negro Spirituals culture, that culture that powerfully

Connects souls between generations and generations, since the 1970’s.

Besides, she grew up to be an inspirational Soul singer known for her groove when it comes to Rhythm & Blues and Funk,

Using Black Music as an instrument to inspire to hopefully keep the head up,

To look for the beautiful oozing from the awful

And to watch that butterfly fleeing with glittering wings out of its scary cocoon.

With all this burning will to inspire people, sighing for ” love, family, civil rights, feminism”, as an Electric Lady (Janelle Monae)

She released this September 18th her debut EP:

The uplifted first song “Pretty” translates perfectly the feeling of a girl who’s beginning to

Watch herself prettier in the eyes of her well-beloved: she’s feeling like a Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin).

Inspired” must be the most romantic track in the EP, expressing all the poetry she may find in what she sees

In the one she’s feeling vulnerable to, yet in full blooming,

Just as if Springtime was getting back when this one is around.

“Beautiful Moments‘, is the main track. And what Charity shares with her community about this song is quite interesting:

“Beautiful Moments was one of those songs I wrote about a person that morphed into something completely different.

When it was time to create its visuals, I realized it was Detroit that had all my beautiful moments. I wanted to make it very clear to those that see Detroit as a one dimensional city, that though there is decay and even ruin, there is also so much life. […]”

Finally “Undescribable“, is the good music you want to end your day with.

The chorus in it is as melodious as clever: the harmony is overwhelming as well as the emotion

The emotion is so wonderful in here, that no words could describe it,

Therefore the main lyrics are just humming, which says already enough about the wellness in the voice of the singer.

Now Charity Ward’s taking her music live.

After sharing stages with the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Lalah Hathaway, Goapele, Robert Glasper, and Angie Stone,

She’ll be performing her debut EP live at The Underground @ DIME in Detroit on October 9th at 7pm.

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Marcus Gon

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