Anisa’s Voice Haunts Your Mind and Soul

This past summer, we were lucky to meet and discover the well-gifted Anisa.

Her voice may be as hot as all the candles in the video above; She’s definitely the one who lights your fire.

This video, recorded by the British broadcaster SBTV , is the exclusive recording of her brand new ballad.

A ballad which well deserves its haunting title “Ghost”, as a melancholic emotion gets to overwhelm all of you

With sensitive lyrics, as warm as emotional, driven on a colder melody that blows the slow flow of the piano.

All go so slow until the second part of the song, when the voice hits its zenith, the piano getting stronger

The Ghost, in such an interpretation, obviously taking Anisa and her listeners higher and higher, in this innocent ballad.

anisa ghost

Much more than her voice, what is truly enjoyable is her work she delicately puts in the core of her lyrics.

Doing so, Anisa manages to hit you with her vocals and hit you back with her words that are the essence in it:

With such a recipe, “she might have tapped into your mind and soul” (Alex Turner).

anisa lyrics

The Art of hers has been inspired by the greatest, not to mention, the Miseducated Ms Lauryn Hill, or any charismatic female singers

Like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or the one and only Alicia Keys.

The Art of hers has been recognized by the greatest, from US superstar Ariana Grande, whose song “Piano”

Is extracted from the claimed number 1 album ‘Yours Truely’ co-written by Anisa,

To Autumn Rowe (from Stargate label), Roc Nation producer Deputy,

The producer Harmony Samuels who produced great hits with other supertars such as Ariana Grande, Chip, Michelle Williams,

Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo.

By the way Anisa made a tribute to this last one, Ne-Yo on her EP ‘Music’

As far as Keyshia Cole is concerned, Anisa, already well-surrounded, has plans to meet her and work with her and the American R&B singer Tank;

Both of them are already fans of her music.

Talking about celebrities fans of her covers and originals, Brian McKnight may be the biggest fan. And the following track may explain why:

To put an end to this endless happiness Anisa’s voice shall bring to your ears

The following record may translate enough the philosophy of her soul music, her work ethic, and her urban influences in  her emotional style:

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Anisa Official New Soulful RnB Talent

Marcus Gon

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