Funky, Frenchy, Sexy: Moi Je

Their French Touch brings some freshness and colorful vibes recalling a Summertime just following the last days of Spring…

In other words, recalling the sweet laziness of our latest easy and happy days.

“Fais Rien” is the single from Moi Je’s latest EP, “Moi Je – Fabrique”, and this is about a nice work indeed.

Simon, the bassist of the group, and Loic, the saxophonist, are the two  maestro composing these dancing sounds in their EP’s.

From different music horizons, they gather and create a unique mixture with warm and vivid colors.

Plus they get around with nice people to contribute to the project, such as Babil, the singer from the Golden & Co

Or Tanguy, bassist of the Golden & Co, but who collaborated to create the visual cover of their EP; a nice work of style and design

Which is a nice combination with this suggestive music:

This universe is kind of obvious in the clip ‘Moi Je – Fais Rien’ which translates perfectly the young laziness

With a nice code of colors, such as a Yellow quite present enough, inviting you to the relaxation,

Like if the music wanted to to think of you and only you in your comfort zone (‘This is me, and my music, Me, Myself and I’)

The imagination stimulated, the golden of the lazy summer,

Or the golden of the saxophone taking you slow. Plus the Green in the visual stands for the calm, and the Spring blooming and blowing your mind.

Moi Je has released 4 months ago a first EP inviting to the good mood and called “Moi Je – Ris”:

So many good vibes in it, it sure deserves its display in the Inrocks chart of top 20 best discoveries of September 2014.

The music is as fun as the musicians of this project.

When words ain’t enough, Let The Music Play.



Marcus Gon

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