Cold As Ice, Bright As Gold: The Golden & Co

“Blaze Your Soul” is definitely the right term to employ, considering the heat overwhelming your whole body during their shows.

Having a good look to the ingredients of such a hot recipe, you’ll notice the 6 main ingredients:

One cool and polyvalent and deeply creative Tanguy Hirigoyen, bassist and graphic designer at the same time,

And whose talents have been recognized by far with many works, such as the cover of the claimed sophomore Moi Je’s EP;

Talking about Moi Je,  the next ingredient of the Golden & Co recipe happens to be one chilling saxophonist, who brings a bit of his jazz, a bit of his funk, a bit of his golden melody to the band, and whose name is Loic de Lassabliere, and is one of the two artists belonging to the Moi Je project, with Simon.

Then a so-called Anthony FoudRoyer coming from a family of musiciens, whose mother is herself a drummer and completes the golden puzzle with his trumpet.

Trumpet and saxophone combined bring most definitely a whole original musical color to the music style of the band, which is greatly inspired from Blues and the 70’s Rock’n’Roll.

These two essential pieces of the puzzle define the fine soul of Golden & Co,

Driving you in a certain atmosphere and in a certain era of time.

As an example, in the song “House of Rising Sun” feels like you’re experimenting one of these moments you see in a Western Movie, such as ‘The Good The Bad and The Ugly’, or the Trinita’s saga, or what so ever…

To complete this configuration, in spite of the trumpet and the saxophone, the drums are the most important instruments (Us3), and ‘All We Need Is A Drummer’, so the band did need Kevin Malherbe, indeed.

Formerly a hard rock drummer, this guy beats it as hard as rock tomb: he’s a perfect rock drummer.

Last but not least, the two front men of this terrific band are Babil Lachheb,

That one that sings just like one of these Screaming Black,

And Marc Du Jonchay, that one that sings his joy with the Blues on his fingers,

Scratching his guitar that reflects, expresses, and communicates his Blues, his emotions, his passion.

These last two are concretely the spirit of the band. They paint the colors of the Blues, the Rock and even the Country in their music.

By the way, Marc is great fan of cinema, Western Movies are among his favorites, not to mention, and a great rock connoisseur.

Jimi Hendrix might be a mentor for him and the band. By the way his will may have been satisfied,as he once said:

“When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do”.

And, 40something years later, this is what achieved the Golden’s, and this is what is to expect during their shows.

purple haze

The Golden & Co, mainly a live band, is settled in Lyon, and regularly play at the Irish pub,

The Kelly’s Pub, where concerts and Open Mic’ Night are organized.

This is such a nice opportunity for musicians to come and enjoy the music they wish to listen or to play live with the band.

Not so many places offer such things as Open Mic’ in France; this ain’t like in London.

The only record found thus far of the live band Golden & Co was this one below, featuring a terrific girl soul singer. May you enjoy as much as I did:

Marcus Gon

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