One Prestigious Quartet To Jazz, Blaze And Bless The Place

Josselin Perrier – Give The Drummer Some!

When comes the time to “Give The Drummer Some”,

You know you’re about to get a ‘Funky Good Time’, as James Brown used to sing it, back then.

Josselin Perrier Drums teacher at Jazz Action Valence, and artist at the same time,

Appears in as many configurations  as you could imagine, quite active in the region of Rhone-Alpes, between Valence and Lyon.

The last time it has given the opportunity to see him perform was with the dancing vintage band The Chouquettes,

Whose music makes you dance till it gets too hot to hold,

Till you dream of your feet swinging on Marilyn Monroe’s voice singing ‘Some Like it Hot’

He brings a touch of groove in his light and swift drumming style. Wherever the season, feeling fresh, high, fly

You get to think, if you’re French, that you’re daydreaming of a never-ending summertime; this illusion may come from the name of his band:

Trio DT, a configuration born in 2013 from the literary and guitarist Yanni Belmelle, and the classic and jazz pianist Camille Thouvenot who, appears in another trio: Dreisam

Whose album’s just come out lately, a must-listen.

To give you a bit of taste of what Trio DT is really about, may you sip this 4-video playlist as a summertime cocktail; appreciate the funky in it,

And the original musical color given by Camille’s organ:

Camille Thouvenot – The Keys

The first time it has given me to discover him was actually at the Peristyle, at Lyon’s Place de l’Opera, with his trio G.M.T.

With Gauvain Gamon at the Double-bass and Marc Michel at the drums.

Come to think of it, the piano keys seems to open a door of similarity with ‘Tout Petit Bout‘ by Dreisam (1min15sec):

A somewhat connection between Camille’s inspiration and Nora Kamm‘s saxophone.

Thomas Ibanez – And The Jazz Breathes Again

Talking about saxophones, Thomas Ibanez is one reference to mention too.

Blazing and jazzing any places he appears, the eloquence of his saxophone has told all about his prestigious reputation, since 2011.

He was performing this past summer at Lyon’s Opera at its Peristyle, with his quartet consisting with Josselin Perrier at the drums,

Joachim Expert at the piano and Thomas Belin at the double-bass.

Amongst his several configurations (such as his duo with Joachim Expert), if one were to remember,

That’d be his quartet interpreting the album Mug’s Suite, a one-of-kind smooth and warm flavor,

Harmonic potion setting a mind free on a cool morning. The recipe of such a jazzing drink in a mug consists in

An always-there Joachim Expert at the piano, a kind of friendly Ben Guyot at the double-bass, and a dynamic Marc Michel at the drums.

Last But Not Least – Julien Sermet – Swing in The Guitar 

The soloist doesn’t ride all lone like a lonely cow-boy with his guitar full of emotions

But he does stand by two colleagues of his in one trio called The Green Bros Trio with Perrot and Vincenza.

The mix hamornic is quite jamming and delightful, with a keyboard reminding of Tro DT’ keyboard, and much more than this

Reminding the Gospel’s atmosphere, warmed up by another swift and swinging drums, beat up by a grooving drummer,

With on top of it all, a guitar running through the bars and times of the music.

To end this music review, letting those who didn’t know yet all of those musicians,

Melodies that may draw a wide smile upon your face with these two guitars inviting you to calm and vibe with them:


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