Lánre: Come The Light, Let There Be Life

Then the light came in

And it became clear to see proudly standing in the middle

A woman, not hiding her head up, confiding her struggles and celebrations,

Stories of a lifetime, shared in one freedom song , one song that gives hope,

One song that lighten your Soul of any heavy burden that got you broken some way

One song hat helps you to step across the bridge toward (Self) Forgiveness

One song that make you share a tear dropping out of a feeling of Happiness eventually found, getting over considerations of a ‘perfect life’

One tear reflecting the colors of a little rainbow, as meeting the Light that has come;

‘Let There Be Light’.

Human‘ is the first single and main track from forthcoming new  EP titled ‘Human’, written by Lánre.

This is the song of a woman, a wife, a sister,… a Human.

Regarded as a hymn for togetherness, the tastes of Folk, Soul (and maybe a int of Gospel in the back vocals) give all that spirituality, authenticity and peacefulness to the music.

Out this April 29th, you can pre-oder it on iTunes with immediate download of the title track



In the past, this British singer-songwriter, who spent a great part of her life in Nigeria

Has already gained attention, and admiration with  her debut album ‘Pen Voyage Chapter One:

Singing For Change’ was released in 2011 followed by her critically acclaimed EP ‘Home‘ in 2014 (praised by MOBO, MTV UK among others).

Let’s dive in her world.

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