Kyle Britton: Like A Star, The Darker That Surrounds You, The Brighter You Are

Either walking in an arid desert at noon

Or crawling in darkness at night

Moved by a need of soul searching

To fulfill the quest to reach his inner peace


While screaming and fighting his ‘villainous’ side.

The introduction with the guitar installs a heavy atmosphere of

Sorrow, regrets and self-hurt.

Well aware of his dirt, confessing his wrongs (as a ‘bad boy’), here you are one honest young man,

Kyle Britton, who lets a heartfelt scream come out “I’m A Villain”!

The drums, beating up, on and on, all along this low tempo, emphasize this idea of heavy burden on Kyle’s mind and shoulder, feeling guilty,

And gives strength to the scream of his voice.

Villain is an emotionally evocative single by this indie folk singer-songwriter,

Surrounded by Los Angeles’ most seasoned musicians including Kyle Crane on Drums (Daniel Lanois, Elle King) and renowned violist, Ginny Luke (Rihanna, Dave Matthews Band). Famed engineer, Darryl Swann (Macy Gray).

This single is a dramatic self-confession, encapsulates its audience through the use of defiance against typical folk arrangements, opening us up to our ‘villainous’ side.


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