Wizzy Wow & MdotE ft Estelle Lavaud: When Love Tastes Like Champagne

Sitting on a comfy sofa, sipping a fizzy drink

Overthinking about that lady running in your mind,

About that lady spinning around your head, driving you crazy,

About that lady getting you dizzy,

Before your drink gets you tipsy already.

This could be the side effect of mixing liquor with infatuation

Overwhelmed by the waves of Champagne Pink, one mellow piece produced by the twice Grammy nominated producer Wizzy Wow who’s collaborating with the artist MdotE, released by Tacet Music Group.

The soothing mellow touch of this track, light shade of Pink, is due to

Tthe sensual vocals by Estelle Lavaud, whose presence brings out a romantic atmosphere.

The instrumental production associated to MdotE and Estelle’s vocals,

Portraying perfectly the feelings crystallized within lyrics reflecting an overthinking mind,

Allow the listener to imagine where the characters in the song might be,

Giving colored pictures of their thoughts and actions.

This is a great experimental and absolutely chilling moment.

Champagne never tasted so sweet, some might never get enough of that Champagne Pink.


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Marcus Gon

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