Bros Bros – Under The Groove of Future Beats

“The world is money driven, but what if you can make money while pursuing your passion?
We all chase these dreams.
The message is just to work hard and hopefully we’ll soon be able to start seasoning!“
– Bros Bros

As he’s reflecting on the chase of money and his drive to succeed his dreams, DJ Bros Bros keeps releasing months after months new tracks.

Falling for the groove of future beats, the producer mixes various musical styles and suggests a whole new experience. His tastes consist in house music, R&B and Hip-Hop. His last single, released on April 16th; 2019, titled For My Money, features 25-year-old rapper Fred Gata from f.ABREcollectiv. The collaboration is a success. The tune sounds smooth and sexy; the funk in the bass line sets the mood,  and the fast rapping gets you to move both your feet and dance..

The whole groove recalls a GoldLink type of mood, whose beats are stunningly complex and innovative.

Very fond of collaborating with rappers to bring some extra energy to his tracks, the Belgian artist invited fellow countryman Darrell Cole (who recently shared a song with Selah Sue) to add his personal touch to the allegorical love song.

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