Diana Ross is back with a “Thank You” and a new album!

Thank you for the smiles
Thank you for the tears
Thank you for being who you are, for all those years
Thank you for the joy

“Thank You” by Diana Ross

What a nice gift for her fans all around the world! Diana Ross is releasing a brand new album today (Friday, November 5th), called “Thank You”.

It’s been 22 years since we didn’t hear an original song from her. “Thank You” is her 25th studio album.

Diana Ross Mélanie Domergue

Diana Ross already made her fans happy earlier this summer by releasing the eponymous lead single. The song “Thank You” carries the message of the album. It’s all about appreciation and gratitude towards the ones who supported her through the years: her family, her friends, and last but not least, her audience.

A new album, new music video, new song… What a Friday night fever!

The song “Thank You” is festive and full of joy. It vibrates with love, solidarity, and inclusion, as a ray of sunshine in the middle of autumn. “If The World Just Danced” music video was participatory, which highlights the special bond between Diana Ross and her audience. Both sides share positive energy, happiness, and support, just like they did through the years.

She wants to reunite us all through the power of music, especially after what we faced during a year and a half.

On the other hand, the “Thank You” music video takes us back to some of the most significant moments of her career. We can hear her state “I wanna make a difference somehow in people’s life”. Well, who doesn’t have a Diana Ross song as part of a soundtrack to their lives?

However, a surprise never comes alone. That’s why she’s releasing today a music video for the song “All Is Well”. A reminder for her fans to find happiness in the simplest moments. Stay tuned and make sure to watch it at 6 p.m.! That is indeed her first music video in over ten years. 

The song “I Still Believe” is also released today as the 2nd single of “Thank You”. Once again, this piece is about love, hope, and positivity.

A style icon and decades of hits

“Thank You” is about the appreciation she feels for her life and her career. Do we need to introduce Ms. Ross? She first started off as the leader of The Supremes. Then, she became the mythical figure of the Motown label as she ruled the 60’s music industry.

Her signature look made her the ultimate style icon, and she’s one of the most influential African-American singers of the 20th century, along with Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner. She became an inspiration in various music genres (soul, disco, and R&B). To this day, even the most novices of us can’t stay indifferent while hearing great and timeless hits such as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “I’m Coming Out”, “Endless Love”, “Upside Down”… The list is long, and it may grow with this new album! 

Mélanie Domergue

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