Emily Grace LDN – Heart And Mind EP Review

The Heart expresses what’s on your Mind as the white and blacker shades of your face  reflect on a light glass.

Emily Grace,  London-based singer/songwriter opens up her universe over a heartfelt songwriting in her EP titled Heart And Mind.

About to dive into an authentic and acoustic experience, Emily starts off by an introduction that sounds like the first seconds of a self-introspection.

The introspection drags you into a dark space made of the thoughts that haunt one’s head in the dead night.


Then follow up all kind of emotions that go on and on,

Quite like this ongoing beat: you barely can’t help move along as the beat goes on,

As well she can’t help crying out, emotions bursting out.

However, what is more enjoyable along this EP, is the hints of positivity: after the cries come the comfort and the healing

Brought by This Love for Music, actual shelter for any artist, for anyone.

These nice rhythms over the piano keys, nice melodies, yet melancholic, are truly therapeutic.

This ode song from a loving heart, sounds like an obvious poem dedicated to music.

The closer of this beautiful EP, a bluesy heavy Soul, recall the Gospel and Negro Spirituals sounds all along the chorus.

This EP is deep and intimate, result of a dedicated work.

To conclude, let’s close both our eyes over a couple of covers:

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