Leanne Louise – Authentic Soul

Being compared with Florence + Machine,

Recalling a bit of Kate Nash, at some point,

Leanne Louise charms with her authentic emotional voice

That flows through her Soul (music) and acoustic, as you can see in this video:

Her style also has a hint of RnB and electronic:

Intimate style; you can hear how deep Leanne Louise has been spending time finding her identity.

‘Count My Blessings’, her 2014 debut EP, is standing for the whole package of her music identity.

A package directly inspired from her life’s experience,

Certainly the most impacting kind of learning experience.

A package that manages to make you feel all the emotions Leanne’s vocal is sharing in her music.

A package whose title breathes hope by moments of sorrow.

She did put into work worth being appreciated with her videos

And her story-telling lyrics.

Leanne Louise was a kind of nice discovery, deserving to shine a bit more to our eyes,

And to sound a bit more in our ears.

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