Touching The Sky With Skyler Reed

Music is the cornerstone of her life, of her everyday routine, and even of her familial upbringing.

Skyler Reed is this young flower that always dreamt to grow to the light

That music and singing used to give her during the day.

From a faithful family, as she’s been raised by a pastor,

One of the lessons she learnt in her life was to dream big.

This, added to some work ethic as a dedication, is the perfect recipe for achievement.

Skyler’s been committed for her whole youth, since 12 years old, writing songs and working on her vocals.

Today, when you hit play on this video, Skyler’s voice just hits you back:

You may say “She Can Sing”, most definitely!

Being mostly influenced by the contemporary diva, Beyoncé, in her covers,

Beside Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys or Lauryn Hill,

Miss Reed now happens to be that rising artist, ready to wake her listeners up

With the shake of her soulful voice, taking back to church at some point.

May you enjoy, everyone, Skyler Reed:

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