Annie Bonsignore: Music, A Divinely Inspirational Therapy

Passion at all level shall be the key word of the multi-talented artist Annie Bonsignore’s self-produced debut album:

Shades of Red, a recording as precious as a rubis stone, crystallizing the deepest and the truest stories interpreted throughout eleven tracks

Fear, Love, Loss and Hope are the main ingredients of this musical treasure.

A treasure that didn’t shine as bright in the inside as let it suppose the song ‘Moon Stained Black’, relating the journey of a soul in pain.longing for peace:

“I was happy on the outside and bored on the inside…and no one would have known but for those closest to me.

I did not understand where I had gone wrong, why there had been so much emotional pain and why I felt so stuck in my mistakes, in my past.”

About this song ‘Treasure Box’ Annie helps understand it more:

“This song lends as a reminder to myself and hopefully to others that we always have a childlike innocence within us. 

This was my therapy in a new world where I had found myself in.
I was so young yet I felt like I had lived a thousand lives.  

This song was a fantasy, an escape of mine that came to life within the music.”

Annie, talented singer, songwriter, pianist, performer, arranger and vocal coach, knew how to sing before she even knew how to talk,

So there’s no wonder how well she could express her most honest feelings with a vocal that has explored her fields of Mozart, musical theatres and even stepped into the Country side.

Born and raised in South Africa, she moved to Canada for the prospects of her career at the age of 23.

She turned her home office into a recording studio, where many of these songs came to life, awaiting her Canadian citizenship status.

Creating songs at this particular time of her life, a kind of a transition between South Africa and Canada, missing home, glancing at the past,

Shades of Red is the obvious proof that Music happens to be an actual therapy, something mind-healing, something soul-soothing:

Annie, talking about her songwriting happening to be inspired by a spiritual awakening confides:

“I felt very much like I had entered a twilight zone where I literally thought that I might be dying, or as if everyone else might be.

Yet, I was just waking up. I had reached  a place of such loneliness that I felt like my soul had drowned.

I was floating through life, always holding on tightly to the past, and then I would write about it, which would keep me stuck in the past.

Through meditation, music and healing I have been learning to let go…

I had denied God when I was 14 years old, after the loss of a brother, for the third time.

I had been living in my parents’ shadow of loss my entire life and finally, it felt like my life just didn’t make sense anymore.

I was desperate to feel again, to believe in something.”

The self-titled track ‘Shades of Red’ may be the most mind-blowing, involving in a deep and troubling introspection.

The light but persisting vocals makes you rewind all kind of emotions and souvenirs: you’re literally loosing yourself in your own thoughts,

Like mentally drowning or forever falling down. To what Annie adds:

“I have come to realize that we create so much with our thoughts and actions and reactions.

I am tapping into some divinely inspired music now, based on love, hope and presence.
I want to help people with my music, to inspire them to feel, to poke at the deepest part of one’s soul.

That’s what it’s all about, feeling and experience.”

To reward her incredible work of composing this music and interpreting such serious matters in life, one of her songs, ‘Feel For You’,

Will be used as the theme song for a massive campaign being run by the Youthdale Foundation, an organization that focuses on understanding and treating children’s mental health problems.

Deepening the meaning of this song, ‘Feel For You’, Annie says:

“I wrote this song years ago for someone close to me, as a plea for her to never give up.
It is a song about abuse, coming out of the darkness and knowing that we are never alone.

I’m very honoured that it will be used as the theme song for a massive charity campaign for the Youthdale Foundation […]”

If some of her songs might be powerful enough to make you drip-drop cold tears, weeping is not the ultimate aim sweet Annie Bonsignore.

Shades of Red sounds more like a message, overcoming your fears and losses, towards the love of yourself and Hope, and even Faith as this is kind of a spiritual awakening: A true message of passion.

One last secret about Shades of Red, the track itself:

“It was late, probably around 3am when this came to me. 
I could barely sing the chorus as it made me feel intense emotions of sadness. 

The lyrics were unfinished when I was approached by Film Folks to have my music placed in their film ‘A Dark Matter’.

I rewrote the lyrics to fit the film.

It was my first attempt at doing this.”

Now you want to go and visit Annie’s website to check her upcoming performances and testify how grateful she is on stage:
May 21st – Lula Lounge, TO for Jazzfm’s Vocal Showcase
May 27th – Musideum  as a guest for Thomas Wade’s comeback concert.
May 28th – Uncorked on Main, Georgetown
June 6th – Roncy Rocks Festival
June 18th – Toronto Jazz Festival at Gate 403 TO 9pm – 12
June 23rd – Toronto Jazz Festival at Musideum 7pm

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