Monica Chapman: A Poetic Love Letter For A Jazzy Love Song


Sky in the blue of the eyes, freshness of the cool weather kissing the skin, steps of the walking folks vibrating in the ears,

The atmosphere wouldn’t be more poetic to write down heartfelt lines in a letter signed: “P.S. I Love You”.

“PS: I Love You” is Monica Chapman’s second album, just released on April 24th, to follow up her first album ‘But Beautiful’, both produced by Bill King.

For this occasion, the Lula Lounge’s been blessed to have her perform. The blessing was in the poetry of her voice,

Swinging onto the melodies of a colorful band, from the guitar, the counter-bass, to the drums, sliding by the trumpet

Constantly glancing at the piano, which is one of these key instruments. Much more than this, Piano is actually Monica Chapman’s favorite instrument:

Performing in New York at the ‘Salon’, one of the numerous highlights of her career, Monica confides about this honest song sang with a whole lot of authentic emotions: “I Love A Piano” is one of my favourties because I heard it since I was a child of 9 yrs. old immigrating to Canada with my parents from Romania and heard it in “Easter Parade” sung by Judy Garland and it stayed with me all these years until I decided to record it on my new album,produced by Bill King,featuring William Sperandei,world renowned trumpeter and honoured to have Dave Young on bass, Juno award winner that played on Oscar Perterson’s great trios!”

Born in Romania then, moved to Israel as a child and then moved again right to Canada, music has always been part of her upbringing.

As well as her education: she attained her degree in piano performance (A.R.C.T.) and voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto.

As music has followed every single step she did take in every country she was, from Romania to Canada, and across Europa (Russia, France, Italy),

The poetry of her songs gets to a another level of wealth and richness, mixing as many cultures and influences as possible in one single voice.

As you can testity by the following tracklist available right here, various delicious flavors are presented: from bluesy vibes for “Gloomy Sunday”

Going even through Latino rhythms crowing her head with a “Lullaby Of The Leaves”, and through other songs that are very special and personal reminiscing “From Russia With Love”,

And adding jazzy dancing tones (I Love  A Piano) which reminds of her Musical Theatre’s style. Indeed before her time as a Jazz vocalist

As she confides “[she] also had a musical theatre children’s’ group for 6 years. [She] was very successful and recorded a CD and this was 15 years ago when [her] kids were small and was very successful!”

Let it be added that her family means everything for her. What is more, from her family, this is her husband who convinced her that her voice was made for Jazz.

Her voice is now heard worldwide and on CBC,BBC and 91.


You can follow her latest news on her Facebook page right here.

She’ll be performing at Relish Bar and Grill June 27th over the T.D. Jazz Festival,

MANHATTANS Music Club, Sat. Sept. 19th The Jazz Bistro, Sun. Oct. 18

on CHCH T.V. Morning show Fri. July 24th

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  1. What a wonderful review of Monica Chapman – she is an amazing Jazz artist & I recommend her fantastic CD ‘P.S. I Love You’ – she made such a wonderful job & her voice is wonderful & pure – Well done, you are sure on your way up! 🙂 xx

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