FoCus Lyrics Review – SZA – Ice Moon

SZA is most definitely cool as ice and twice as nice!

Her single Ice Moon is at the same time hypnotic, relaxing, mysterious and full of purity despite such seductive lyrics.

The environment, settled in a pure wood, warmed by the sunlight, drives daydreaming.

“I feel India in my bones”

SZA must be referring to the famous and deep Indian Wood.

Wood that here stands for complete “Purity, purity”.

Purity emphasized with the innocence of the character.

A character that quits eating sweet things (such as candies and cakes),

And happens to go and taste something bitter instead: “summertime sadness” is the oxymoron that proves it.

She’s not sure if she wants to risk it but she keeps singing “I think I wanna go there”

Despite she feels unsecure [“I-I-I-I-I wonder”] about falling to the seduction (“go to church if you’re scared”).

Besides, the chorus tones just like a prayer, expressing this pure but tempted girl’s mind and thoughts,

Looking for the right way, the right path to walk to find an enough enjoyable youth and happiness.

All along the song, SZA seems to be the allegory of the Forbidden Love, or, of the Forbidden Fruit.

“I am she”

What comes to show this is the wood looking very much like a kind of Eden Garden,

And you regularly catch SZA up in a tree, ready to fall by the one seducing her.

Finally, the choice of the colors is the main proof of how dreamlike this music and video are.

The main color you get to remember are :

The blue, recalling nature, infinite, and peace

The purple, recalling at the same time the mystery, the subtlety, the melancholia and the purity

The green, recalling the youth, happiness and harmony

The white, recalling the innocence.

Talking about innocence, it appears that she definitely quits her innocence.

She tries to “maintain purity-purity” at first,

Avoiding the water that must mean the whole contrary of purity and innocence

Until she’s found laying in the water, during the chorus, singing like a siren 

“Go to church if you’re scared” [Evil seduction?]


SZA is always full of pure and seducing poetry like this, making the difference among hip hop icons by not showing any nude. Her EP ‘S’ is all as mesmerizing and cooling, full of deep lyricism

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