The Diamonds Are Two Girls’ Best Friends

Freshness and joy of life are what these two singers’ faces are expressing in their voice.

Cassie and  Jules are two kind of elegant ladies gathering to form this classic and crazy duo: 

The Diamonds.

vintage duo

This Vintage Duo, coming from a 10 year artistic career, from The UK

Seems to take its roots from the timeless 40s and 50s fashion and music style.

Marilyn Monroe could get back to life with their voice swinging to piano keys

Just like in a black and white movie, just like in a oldie but goodie musical.

Plus, it is enjoyable to get entertained by a former dancer such as a charming Cassie,

Who’s also an international and recognized professional vocalist (Marbella, Crete, New-Zealand)

And a charismatic and good-looking Jules, who’s also an actress and a songwriter besides being a dancer.

The Diamonds were a nice duo to discover from the UK among other nice bands.

May you enjoy yourself listening to some of their pieces of work.


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