Kendrick Lamar – “God is Gangsta”, He Pimped The Game Cause He Loves The Player

If being born sinner means being the opposite of a winner, in this game of life, 

Haunted by the evils of Lucy, with enslaved mindsets running for self-destruction, 

A powerful yet subliminal message might be

To free the souls of Redemption seekers,

In thirst of a “Hiii Power” (searching for the Most High).

Releasing this short-film was clever from Kendrick Lamar’s team, as this is the perfect time, considering the Grammy’s,

But much more than this, this is a way to put God at the end of 2015 and at the beginning of 2016,

For “If God got us, we gon’ be alright” (Alright – Kendrick Lamar).

Besides, this is also the anticipated follow-up to the short-film “Behind These Walls

1 – From Baptized In A Pool Full Of Liquor

Afficher l'image d'origine

In “God is Gangsta”, we go from “Baptized in a pool full of liquor, as we’re watching an artist losing himself

Drunkenly sipping sorrow and anger, the liquor of hatred, self-hatred, deep in his heart, and it tastes like a strong whiskey.

Kendrick Lamar Whiskey

Besides, let it be said that Kendrick shows an acting performance that does justice to this mot heartfelt track “U”

And proves how much a great actor he can be.

2 To Baptized In A Pool Full Of Holy Water

kendrick lamar baptized

As the sequences follow, the more short sentences come one after another, the more we understand the message behind this short-film.

These sentences describes the path one had to take before realizing the Truth.

This path relates to this metaphor with the caterpillar, standing for the ones who crave for

2 a. Women,

curly hair girl kendrick god is gangsta

2 b. Being a star (Every Nigger Is A Star)

2 c. The run for Money,

i made money i lost money i did it again

Which reminds of the lyrics in ‘How Much A Dollar Cost’,how much a dollar cost lyrics

3 God Is Gangsta, An Actual Punchline

you played the game i pimped it kendrick lamar

When you eventually read the last sentence, “You played the game, I pimped it”, you actually understand the subliminal meaning behind this title/punchline “God Is Gangsta”.

For the “born sinner, opposite of a winner” in this game of life, Kendrick’s message is that Faith in God might be powerful enough to be a Game Changer,

Pimping an evil game of money, lust and lost, into a much better benefit, into a game that sets you free in the end.

Ronals Isley Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is a Game Changer, and he plans to make it clear putting God first;

As we’re made of dust, this must be the only way to make it to the stardust, and to bloom.

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