Katey Brooks: New Album (Interview) – The Journey Of A Passionate Voice

Katey Brooks, is this fair-haired singer-songwriter, whose voice and guitar handling define her fine elegance.

This Londoner who used to fight her lovers all along her singalongs that you get addicted to play on and on, and on

Is on the roads again, promoting her highly anticipated upcoming album, which is always quite a journey.

This week, Katey Brooks is leaving the capital of England for the heart of France.

This Friday, December 18th she’ll be performing in Lyon, with Ash Radford, at L’Atelier Gidéon Sillac.

You can already reserve your place here.

Meanwhile, we had the privilege to have a deep and very interesting interview with her:

1) People say, “don’t enjoy the destination, enjoy the journey”. So, how was your journey making the album?

I’d definitely agree with that philosophy, and i try to live by it as much as possible.

The journey of making this album has been pretty wonderful actually.

I say “actually” because in the past I’ve allowed the process to stress me out when i didn’t need to, whereas this time it’s been blissful!

I wrote much of it in Australia while i was touring there earlier this year, and then i finished writing it on a beautiful little mountain in Wales.

The recording process has been super easy because I’ve been working with producer Darren Poole, who is just so good at what he does, and really understands my songs, so i can relax and know the record is in safe hands.

2) What was the most enjoyable in this journey? What was the most challenging?

I’d say the most enjoyable part was also the toughest – delivering the very best vocal i could.

I love to sing, naturally (!!), so it’s a joy to record vocals, but you have to really put yourself into the space of the song, in order to reach that special place.

Inevitably it brings up emotions, particularly when it’s a very intense song.

Sometimes it’s like reliving the experience which inspired you to write the song in the first place, so there have been a few tears along the way!

 3) Your EP “I Fought Lovers” is quite stripped-down and highlight your voice full of expressions. Will you shape your songwriting differently for the album? Will there be more instruments involved?

Absolutely, is the answer to that question.

The album shows a definite evolution from the EP.

The songs and my voice have a more soulful/blues colour to them, without feeling like there’s been a really abrupt change from the last record.

It still feels and sounds like me. Sonically it’s pretty big; which really excites me.

I like there to be an epic, anthemic element to a record. Expect lots more instrumentation…lots of drums!

4) Your voice evolves year in, year out, and you work a lot on it. How has your craft evolved since your successful EP ‘I Fought Lovers’?

I think the evolution has always been pretty natural for me, because I’ve never been the most disciplined of creatures! It must be the hippie in me.

I think the thing that has evolved most has been my songwriting.

I’ve started allowing myself to write in whichever way i want, whereas before i censored myself a lot.

I put myself in a box and was like “this is who you are” or “this is who you have to be, so stick to it”.

But now i just write what i want, and i write for what my voice wants; which in turn has allowed my vocal to develop and change. I guess I’ve let myself loose! It feels great.

5) You’re used to recording songs in unique places such as beautiful churches. What’d be the place of your dreams to record? Have you chosen a particular/special place to record one of your new songs?

That’s a very good question, and one I’m not entirely sure of the answer to!

I’ve been lucky enough to record in some iconic studios like Abbey Road and Real World, and that was wonderful, but in honesty I’m not really a studio girl.

Like you say I’m drawn to interesting spaces with beautiful acoustics.

Give me a church and I’ll start singing!

I’d like to make a live record in New York, in the East Village where some of the artists I respect the most started out, or recorded. Jeff Buckley’s ‘Live at Sin-e’ inspires me to do that.

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6) What kind of experience do you intend to offer your listeners with your new album? What do you want people to think about when they listen to you?

I think it would be honest so say I’d like people to feel moved in some way by the record.

Exactly what they think and feel is personal to them, and i wouldn’t want to try to control that,

But, for me, my favourite artists take me on a journey from nostalgia, to joy, to motivation, to deep emotion.

If the record does that for people then I’ll be a very happy girl.

7) Music is organic, it’s heartfelt, it’s all about emotions and times of live any people can relate to. Most of all, Music can be therapeutic. I know you were studying Psychology; do you use a bit of Psychology in your songwriting?

Wow I’m impressed with your research!

I wouldn’t say I sit down and purposefully use it, but I would say my humble understanding of the workings of the mind, gained predominantly through life experience, definitely shapes my lyrics.

I try to think about what will connect with people when I write, even if I’m writing about something very personal to me.

And if I feel I’ve had some kind of epiphany about a life issue, or something many of us struggle with, then i always want to share it.

That’s what music is about for me; connecting with people.

8) Your music is very authentic and experimental, once again, and it could fit a film soundtrack. What’d be the perfect movie and the perfect TV series for you to feature your voice? Why?

Great question. Tough to answer though because each song is quite different, and there are so many amazing films out there!

I’m gonna go with something along the lines of Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction for the film, because some of my songs have a darkness to them which i think would work well with those. That and they’re just great movies.

The TV series would be something like True Blood, or Fargo, for the same reason.

I would also love to hear one of my love songs on a classic like The Notebook.

9) Finally, can you describe your best souvenir in France ever?

I think i may be about to receive it… next week I’m filming live for Balcony TV in Chamonix.

You just can’t beat playing music on the side of a beautiful snowy mountain at Christmas time can you.

Thank you Katey!

Give it all you can for your upcoming concerts!

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