Ruth-Ellen’s “New Day”: Song to Celebrate New Beginnings

Next time ‘round I’ll try a little harder
On this ground, I’ll dig a little deeper
Next time ‘round, I’ll be a little wiser
With these hands, I’ll push a little further

There is sunshine after rain. Soulful singer/songwriter Ruth-Ellen found her spring, and she’s glowing. “New Day” (released on August 26th) is the second track off her forthcoming project “Transit”.

Creating a new opportunity

Let’s first take a look at the single’s cover. The background is a bright blue sky. A few clear clouds are here, but the storm seems far away. It’s peaceful. Nature is reborn as she holds it. An open book (who looks like a bird in this context) is there too, which could mean several things. Ruth-Ellen might be ready to start a new chapter in her life. The fact that it’s open could suggest she can now read herself like an open book. She can also be ready to show the world all her sides.

“New Day” is about celebrating a new beginning, despite the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of yesterday. Every one of us went through the pandemic collectively, but we all struggled individually too. The various lockdowns pushed us into introspection. Self-reflection and adaptation are two things a lot of us have gone through.

 “I now feel equipped to embrace new life experiences and trials. The inner work is creating an outer glow, and I’m letting it shine for all to see.” says Ruth-Ellen.

The independent artist took advantage of this slow-down time to accept who she is. She understood that her fears and her doubts were vain. The “new world” is here, and she doesn’t want to waste it away. She takes it as an opportunity and a second chance to do better. She’s ready to take on the world with a newly found confidence, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her dreams.

Rejoice, you’re stronger now

She discovered her true nature, and she appears invincible: “Ascending to the sky / Arms are reaching out / Lighting up the earth beneath my feet / Reaching up so high / Sat on the horizon / Brightest star that shines for all to see.” She’s ready to take flight because she’s reborn.

“New Day” musicality itself is a part of the past. Drums and acoustic guitar beats have remained part of this project since 2017. However, she struggled with the lyrics of the second verse. Inspiration knocked on her door during this particular time. “New Day” has a relaxing sound. Ruth-Ellen is at peace, and she’s confident about the future. By doing so, she encourages us to do the same.


This song gets even more powerful when the gospel group joins it to sing “It’s a new day”. It’s a message of hope. Moreover, the exclamation cry means that joy is indeed back. It can be reachable to all of us.

Born and raised in south London, Ruth-Ellen grew up listening to soul, Gospel, and jazz. She mixes these influences with neo-soul and R&B, creating soothing and jazzy harmonies, also called “Soft Soul”. Stay in touch, because new tracks will be released during the years 2021/2022!

Mélanie Domergue

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