Tameca Jones – The Song That Reflects Her Naked Self

When one sonic thunder kind of woman

Screams ‘love me tender’ to an unkind kind of man  

She eventually, sadly, remains woke in disillusion, after lonesome nights,

Addressing a never-ending pillow-talk, about that man of her dreams, 

About that man supposed to be the cutest, about that man brought to her by Mr Sandman…

You think you’re holding gold in your hands, before figuring out this is just sand and dust, and this is getting old.

Tameca Jones, Queen of Austin Soul, cries out all of her soul, out of her body, through this song she wrote, titled Sandman.

Sandman is first single off of her highly anticipated EP, Naked, coming out September 23rd.


In our last interview, Tameca has confided this song reflects best her EP, her own collection of original materials, since Tameca used to be known for her covers:

“I really think the song ‘Sandman’ reflects my naked self. 

It is one of the first songs I ever wrote.  One of the first songs I ‘took off the covers’.

I have so many versions of it because as I grew as an artist and musician, I outgrew old versions of that song and to update it.” 

This single is clearly her masterpiece, the kind of song to drown your sorrow;

Her voice will make you  drop a drip, shed a tear, break down and cry.

Just like the art cover, her music perfectly pictures the most intimate emotions tattooed on  her naked body.


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